T-20 Days Until I leave!

I can’t believe that I’m 3 weeks away from my trip to El Paso. Where is time going? This summer is flying by.

I got my car its’ 95,000-mile service at the dealership this past Thursday. It should be good to go for the long drive. The only thing left to do is to get an oil change right before I leave! And by the way, my Prius’ name is Piper (pronounced “Pie-pur”). Piper the Prius.

Today, Lissy came over and helped me pack. It’s daunting to have to pack for 10 months. It’s like reliving 4 years ago as I attempted to pack for college, but that didn’t seem so hard since JMU is only 2 hours away. El Paso is over 28 hours. I am trying to pack smart and remember that I do not need to take my entire wardrobe. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s super hot there (which is amusing because it’s hot in Virginia too with the added bonus of humidity), so shorts and tank tops will be staples. Here is my mess of packing so far:beed

About 2 weeks ago I went to Mexico with one of my best friends, Christi. We spent a week at an all inclusive resort called Hacienda Tres Rios in Playa del Carmen, about a 40-minute drive from Cancun. It was super relaxing, and we spent most of our time by the beach or pool.


We indulged in local foods, desserts, and drinks. I’m proud to say I was able to enjoy myself without gaining any weight!!! I’m still trying to lose the weight I gained in college (I’ll be vulnerable. I gained about 30 pounds since the start of college. Yikes. I guess you can say I enjoyed myself and the downtown restaurants a little too much!) It’s a slow process, but I love myself and my body. Jazzercise definitely helps me with my confidence.

Speaking of Jazzercise, I have cool news! I recently have been in contact with a gal who will also be moving to El Paso in August for a grad-school program at the University of El Paso (UTEP). Her name is Callie, she is a Jazzercise instructor, and the coolest thing is how we bonded over our common love for Jesus and Jazzercise (J&J)  🙂 We were given each other’s contact information through a mutual contact, and have been texting here and there. We plan to meet in person once we are both in El Paso. It’s such a relief to have a friendly face who will be there at the same time, experiencing the newness of El Paso.

I spent last night at a winery with some other Jazzercise instructors. We spent the evening laughing and catching up since it’s hard to do that in passing and in between classes. My life kind of revolves around Jazzercise at the moment, but it is exactly what I love to do and the people I like to be around.

Other than that, I’ve been all around NOVA/Virginia attempting to hang out with as many friends as possible before I leave. I drove to Tysons to have lunch with Emily, then stayed there to walk around the mall with Marcus. I drove to Aldie to spend an entire night (literally from 11:30 PM until 2:30 AM playing Monopoly, and then chatting until 4:00 AM) with Katja and Marcus. I was in Brambleton to celebrate Cara’s 23rd birthday with Jessie. Elaine came over to my house to chat before heading off to work. I am driving to Harrisonburg tomorrow to see Maria, Bri, Jessica, and Rebecca. Next week I plan to visit Carrie at her lake house in Palmyra. In 2 weeks I’ll be driving to Richmond to see Becca and Rebecca.

Lots to still do until I leave! Until next time, fam! ❤